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Adjustable Blade Ring Foam Roller
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Update date 2017-06-03 10:02
"Pull and adjustable our Blade ring foam roller to experience diifferent deep tissue massage effects"

Our Adjustable Blade Ring Foam Roller is a fully 
adjustable foam roller that has two surface patterns and 
multiple intensities. When compressed, it is a normal cylinder shaped foam roller. When expanded, however, the myofascial release intensity is greatly enhanced.
At the extended state the Blade Ring Roller's cylindrical body separates into rings to increase pressure on the 
trigger points and muscle tissues. The unique blade shape provides a deeper tissue massage and release pressure points more 
effectively than conventional foam rollers. 
The "blade rings" system closely mimics the deep tissue 
massage techniques from 
professional trainers. Users can simply pull and adjust the Blade Ring Foam Roller into the desired massage technique and have the most versatile foam rolling experience.
The "Spinal Gap" in the middle is designed to put minimal strain  on the vertebral column when performing self-myofascial release.
Each ring can also have 
different color and density if requested, making it the most diverse foam roller.